Awarded with an Injuve 2016 aid for visual arts.
Iñigo de Barrón + Andrea González
During the summer of 2017 we have been in almost a hundred of villages in Castilla la Mancha, from Toledo to Albacete, visiting and making photos of the same building repeated again and again.

¿Would the materials have changed? ¿Would they look the same from the outside? ¿What would have been the budget for each one? ¿Would they be used the same way? ¿Would they be open in the same hours? ¿What would have happened on each one in the last years? ¿Would they had had the same importance for the community?

These were some of the questions we had on mind before the trip. But what happened to us while trying to find every repeated sports pavillion in Castilla was much more interesting, unexpected, delirious and mindblowing that we could have imagined.
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There are more than a hundred identical sports pavillions in Castilla la Mancha