Levantinismo–Edificio España Ciudad de Vacaciones
(Levantinism–Edificio España Holiday Town)
Final Thesis Project – Research Project
Levantinism is a long term research project that has its starting point in Proyecto Vacaciones (with Jonás Murias, in Matadero Madrid, 2014), is tested in Edificio España Holiday Town (Final thesis project, E.T.S.A.M., 2016) and is intensified as an experience in Levantinistic Beats X Sauna (with Juanito Jones, 2017).
Proyecto Vacaciones is a research on the vacation home boom in Spain as an heterotopy where innovative relations between body and public space, ways of living and land occupation models occur.
Levantinismo is the book that compells the collection of researchal materials in a sort of retroactive manifesto in order to learn from them.
Edificio España Holiday Town is the laboratory where the principles of Levantinism are tested in order to verify its existence. It is a plan for an intervention on the Edificio España in Madrid, a mixed use tower that condenses the controverses of the history of Spain.

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