Can interfere with breathing and speaking
Can interfere with breathing and speaking by Paula García-Masedo and Andrea Gonzalez takes part in the closing exhibition of the third call from La Colmena, Arritmias.

Avaliable from Wenesday 26th of December at 20:30, will be streaming during twenty four hours, after which will disappear.

Can interfere with breathing and speaking is the first result of a current investigation process that seeks to treat anxiety and contemporary discomforts, as well as mechanisms designed to divert and palliate its symptoms.

Coach interpreted by Anahí de la Fuente.

"Can occur with contact sports. Reduce the risk of injuries by providing a barrier. By acting as a cushion. By preventing violent contact. By acting as a shock absorber. By dissipating energy to reduce the impact forces. Athletes may feel more confident and aggressive with extra protection. Can interfere with chewing. Can interfere with breathing. Can interfere with speech. Can be embarrassing."

With Paula García-Masedo within La Colmena artistic residency